As teenagers, they decided to fight for the FARC. Now that a peace agreement has been signed in Colombia, the young people of Caldono return to their bombarded town. Community leader and coffee farmer Farid Julicué is dedicated to achieving reconciliation between villagers and former rebels.


Director and cinematographer
Jaap van ‘t Kruis

Manuel Rombley

Creative Producer
Harmen Jalvingh

Production and sound Colombia
Juliana Garcia Mutis, Marcela Cárdenas-Alvarez

Producer The Netherlands
Doxy, Sylvia Baan, Janneke Doolaard

Sound design
Tom Jansen

Music composition
Martijn Rooker

Color correction

Editors Colombia
Irene Lama, Paloma Duplat

Drone pilots
Mario Esteban Castaño, Handrey Correa

Special thanks to
Farid Julicué Corpus , Humberto, Xiomara, Brayan, Samuel, Don Jaime.

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behind the scenes

My first picture with one of the FARC commanders in the transition camp.
We are visiting Farid Julicue´s finca together with my producer Juliana Mutis.
I started filming the documentary in the end of 2016 till the beginning of 2018.
During this period I would go back to the transition camp of the FARC close to Caldono, once a month.

Film Festivals & Awards

Unpaved road to Peace was selected for several international festivals (Movies that Matter, Human Rights Festival Berlin, TRT Documentary festival Instanbul) and won the price for best documentary at the Festival Internacional de Cine por los Derechos Humanos Colombia.



One of my highlights of 2019, was taking our documentary “Unpaved road to Peace” back to the villages and communities around Caldono (where we filmed it, in 2016, 2017 & 2018) and showing it there.

This is something I had in mind for a long time and I am very proud that we could make it happen. In the audience where the victims from Caldono, but also ex-commanders of the FARC, which made it all a very special screening.

“This documentary gives us context and direction for the future.”

Villager Siberia, Cauca