Storytelling Workshops

Storytelling is the most valuable skill you can develop to help you inspire and influence others.

We believe that mastering this tool will help you break out from the noise and distinguish yourself from the rest.

Story lets you show who you are.

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We educate students, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and employees of NGOs on essential storytelling skills. Great storytelling makes an immediate connection with your audience. This happens when you connect on an emotional level and create meaning. The better you are connected with yourself, the easier you will achieve to make this connection. In our program, personal development and creating a story – theoretically and practically – go hand in hand. 

You will learn about finding your own story, choosing your perspective, and influencing and inspiring your audience with a breathtaking story.

MOdule i

The Storytelling Essentials

General course:

  • The essential elements of an engaging story
  • Find your perspective and personal story
  • How to connect with your audience on an emotional level (important for written stories, video’s and presentations)
  • The Storytelling Canvas (structure your story effectively)
MOdule ii

How to influence and inspire your audience

For entrepreneurs and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

  • How to effectively pitch your idea or product
  • Storytelling techniques to inspire and influence your audience
  • How to make videos for your social media channels
  • How to set up a crowdfunding campaign
MOdule III

How to make a short documentary or movie

For students and film students 

  • How to outline a script
  • How to shoot and edit a short, engaging documentary/movie
  • How to find your unique film language 
  • How to create a captivating introduction of your story

The workshops are tailormade, NGOs and entrepreneurs can add the module III workshop. 

It depends on the needs and wishes of the client,  we can adjust the program and make it as personal and effective as possible. 

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"Storytelling is about finding your own perspective and showing us your reality"

Jaap van 't Kruis